Studying at Parson School of Design for four years in New York City, definitely had it perks, however even though I was a part of their rigorous fashion design program, I wish I had learned practical business skills to become a well-rounded entrepreneur for my business, TKC Design Inc. Parson’s is known to shape innovative designer and has an impressive alumni list from Alexander Wang, Jason Wu to Donna Karan. We were not taught, how these alumni’s become a global force in the fashion industry.

Creatively, I believe I was challenged at Parsons; I stopped looking at tops as tops and pants as pants. I started thinking of new ways to re-design these items. I created a rule for myself “I never want to design a basic tee or pants,” it need to be innovative, otherwise what is my role in society as a designer?

Parson’s did not teach us, “What the next step is” we graduated and were left to figure it out. Most of us probably dreamed to work for a well-known designer, for me I wanted to start my own business. With zero education (except for one generic course) on the business side of fashion this is something that quickly became a challenge. To this day I am consistently learning everything about fashion marketing, business and production. I currently run and manage my own company, TKC Design Inc., where our pieces are unique and bold that they will catch everyone’s eyes. Enriched in bold colors the collections at TKC Design Inc. are made to empower women. After creating our first line at TKC Design Inc. I had to figure out how to sell and market these pieces, which quickly become a challenge.

As I student I wish I had a business or marketing course to assist with my design course, to become a well rounded entrepreneur. When I am teaching a course at The Cutting Room I am award of all the steps I needed to start my business and career in Fashion design and constantly working with students to help achieve their goals. I start each and every Fashion Design course with, “you are not here to design a plain t-shirt, so don’t.”

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