What is the refund policy for Part-time Programs?

Due to our small classes, we do not offer a refund policy on our part time classes. However, if a student wishes to cancel a course after the start date, he or she has one year to make up any remaining classes or can apply remaining course funds towards another class of his or her choosing.

For Full time Programs Refund Policies, please refer to the Policies and Procedures page.

What happens if I miss a class?

We are happy to offer students who miss class free studio time to work on course projects. Students can schedule studio time through their instructor or by calling or emailing The Cutting Room.

What fabric is included in the sewing classes?

Muslin is included for all sewing class projects. Sewing kits and fabrics are not included within the price of the course but can be purchased at The Cutting Room for wholesale prices. Students are more than welcome to bring their own fabric to class; however, if it is more convenient to purchase through The Cutting Room, here is a list of sewing kit prices for each project:

  • Tote bag: $15.00

  • Tote bag with trim: $20.00

  • Apron: $15.00

  • Fleece top: $20.00

  • Hooded fleece top: $25.00

  • Chambray shirt: $25.00

What supplies do I need to bring?

If a course requires students to bring specific supplies to class, these items will be listed on the last page of the course outline. Course outlines can be found on individual course webpages.

How are classes scheduled?

When registering, students select their preferred start date and time. Once a course begins, classes run once per week, same day and time, for the duration of the course. We do offer some courses that run more than once per week. If this is the case, this will be listed on the course’s webpage.