Study Permits


Enjoy the Canadian lifestyle living with a local homestay family. Homestay accommodation is a fun, safe, and affordable way to stay in Vancouver. Staying with a Homestay family is an excellent way to practice your English as well as to learn about another culture.

If there is another student in the same homestay, they will speak a different language. All families are screened and monitored. Students with special requests concerning religion, diet, allergies, etc. can be accommodated.

Life in Canada is likely to be very different from that in your own country, so you will be adapting to a new home, new food, new customs, as well as a new language. Don’t be shy about being involved with your host family. They will want you to gain a good experience from your visit with them.

Homestays are usually located in the suburbs of the city. You will enjoy a homestay in a quiet, safe area, close to transit and all amenities. Transit in and around Vancouver is efficient and clean. You will find it easy to travel from your homestay to TCFDA.

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Visitor’s Visa
Students that want to take a program that is shorter than 6 months, would not need to apply for a Study Permit. Depending on the country that they are coming from, they may need to obtain a visitor’s visa which allows them to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

Study Permit
Students who wish to study long-term must obtain a study permit. This may require a medical examination and proof of sufficient funds to cover their study and stay.

To find out if you need a temporary resident visa or study permit to study in Canada, please visit the CIC website.

Note: International students are not currently able to apply for a study permit to study with The Cut Fashion Design Academy. International students can still apply for our part-time programs and 14 week certificate programs as a study permit is not required for programs which are less than 6 months.

It is essential that all international students have medical insurance to cover any health care costs while they are studying in Canada.

The Cut Fashion Design Academy has partnered with StudyInsured to provide our students with three great options for health insurance. It is essential that all international students have medical insurance to cover any health care costs while they are studying in Canada, and by enrolling with StudyInsured, you will have access to a 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance phone line, virtual health consultations, case management services, and online resources. Visit to purchase your insurance, submit a claim, and download the insurance information.”