The Cut Fashion Design Academy, owned by apparel and production expert, Liza Deyrmenjian, were born in Vancouver as a result of 30 years in the fashion and apparel industry. The Academy is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Kitsilano, birthplace of global yoga brand, lululemon athletica and just over the Burrard Bridge from downtown Vancouver. Our state-of-the-art studio is bright, open and comfortable for working on all of your projects. With access to cutting tables, sewing machines and gerber stations seven days a week you will be able to take your assignments to a whole new level. The studio is accessible by public transportation from any part of the city. The Cut Fashion Design Academy, is how we envision real world education. Our students learn at The Cutting Room, a work-learn space where full time and part time Fashion Design Students learn in an environment where established brands product develop and produce, including our in-house brand, Object Local. A small class size allows for individual attention, where we provide an industry-level professional environment and the opportunity for students to learn the necessary specialized skills through hands-on training.

The Cut Fashion Design Academy is interim designated by PTIB. For more information visit: http://www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca



The Cut Fashion Design Academy is committed to inspiring, educating and creating true fashion and business professionals by promoting academic excellence through our rigorous programs and distinctive learner-centered environment. The Cut aspires to nurture the inherent talents of the students by developing an intellectual stimulating community and fostering a culture of skill-based and practical learning environment that enables students to maximize employment opportunities by providing them with career oriented courses. We are building the future generation of designers through education and practical training in the real world.




The Cut Fashion Design Academy is shaped by these core values: integrity in innovation, through collaborations with businesses and through community involvement.

Innovation: Our programs enhance and keep students engaged, we teach in a practical manner through real world and time application.

Collaboration: We invite global and domestic leaders in the industry to help address key challenges and translate them into creative action. We host workshops, held by iconic industry influencers.

Community: Our students will be encouraged to explore, learn and build with our local community. Working with peers and local businesses, they will discover how to promote creative growth through sustainable design both locally and globally.



The Cut Fashion Design Academy was founded to respond to the realities of todayʼs highly competitive fashion industry. We do things differently, preparing the students with the right skills, education and training experience, they need to succeed in this fast-changing field. Our courses, taught by industry-leading professionals provide students in-depth and intensive training in individualized career-related topics. Our classes are kept at a 6 student maximum, so our students can achieve their goals through valuable one to one interactions.

Students can expect us to be:

  • Focusing on and engaging with current affairs

  • Bringing in industry experts from around the world as guest mentors to inspire students

  • Improving human condition and approaching design with a problem solving mentality

  • Creating workshops to enhance the educational experience and get a global understanding of the industry

  • Providing a more personalized program, that allows students to create a global and domestic reach while networking in the industry