All private institutions that offer career-training programs of more than 40 hours, with tuition fees over $1000 must be registered under the Private Training Institutions Act. The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) oversees basic education standards and ensures consumer protection for students enrolled in PTIB-registered institutions. The Cut Fashion Design Academy is in the process of acquiring a PTIB number.



The program completion is based on a calculation of a student continuously enrolled as a full-time student to program completion. In the event you interrupt your studies you must notify The Cut Fashion Design Academy so your program completion date can be amended. The actual program completion may be impacted by interruptions of schedule Changes.



The Cut Fashion Design Academy programs are regularly under review, revision, and updating. This means from time to time we will amend and/or modify our programs when it is deemed beneficial to the program/students. Changes could be made, for example, in content and curriculum, course titles, materials, your expected completion date, or class schedules.



Refunds may be paid according to the following policy. Payment will be issued within thirty (30) calendar days after your written request to withdraw or from the date notice of dismissal is issued to you by The Cut Fashion Design Academy. Institutional Refund Policy Refunds are calculated on the total fees paid, less the applicable non-refundable Application and Assessment Fees.

  1. Refunds prior to the start date of the program

    1. If notice of withdrawal is received by The Cut Fashion Design Academy no later than 7 days from the effective day of the contract, and before the start date defined on the contract, you will receive a full refund of tuition paid.

    2. If the contract is signed less than 7 days from the start date defined on the contract, and notice is received prior to the start date defined on the contract, you will receive a full refund of the tuition paid.

    3. If you do not meet the program admissions requirements, and did not misrepresent your skills or knowledge when applying for admission, you will receive a full refund of the tuition paid to the institution.

  2. When notice is received after 7 days of the contract effective date, and before the program start date:

    1. If the withdrawal notice is received by the institution at least 30 days before the start date of the program, the institution will retain 10% of the tuition due under the contract.

    2. If notice is received less than 30 days prior to the start date, the institution will retain 20% of the tuition due.

  3. Refunds for notices received after the start of the program:

    1. If written notice of withdrawal is received by The Cut Fashion Design Academy, or you are dismissed by the academy within ten percent (10%) of the program or session of study’s duration, we will retain 30% of the total tuition.

    2. Subject to 2 (a) above, if we receive written notice of withdrawal or if you are dismissed by the academy after ten percent (10%) and up to and including 30% of the program or session of study’s duration, The Cut Fashion Design Academy will retain 50% of the total tuition.

    3. If you withdraw or are dismissed after thirty percent (30%) of the program or session of study’s duration, the school will retain one hundred percent (100%) of the tuition fee under the contract for the program or session of study.

    4. In addition to the tuition fee refund described in this policy, you will receive a refund of the starting kit fees paid, if you have not received the kit or the kit is returned to the academy unopened, within twenty (20) days of your last day of class attendance.

  4. Other Refund Policy Requirements:

    1. Where the school provides equipment to you free of charge, and you withdraw or are dismissed, you must return it unopened or as issued within seven (7) days. Otherwise you may be charged for the equipment.

    2. We shall pay tuition refunds within thirty (30) days of receiving written notification of withdrawal or of the Academy’s written notice of dismissal.

    3. Where a student’s tuition may be paid in part or in whole by a recognized student aid program, the school may be required to refund the funding party before any refund is paid to you.

    4. In the event of a fully documented serious illness or personal emergency that deems you unable to finish the program, the Academy may modify the refund policy.

    5. Each academic program runs for sixteen (16) weeks. The calculation of refunds is based on the date of the withdrawal notice or the date of dismissal issued by the Academy.



  1. Completion of The Cut Fashion Design Academy programs does not guarantee employment or any particular level of compensation. Actual employment will depend on your background. Other relevant factors are your employment application, presentation, initiative, and employment opportunities at the time.

  2. A copy of the Enrollment Agreement shall be provided to you when you sign the Agreement.

  3. Please note that under Section 61 of the Private Training Act, The Registrar is authorized to collect, use, and disclose personal information in accordance with the Registrar’s regulatory duties under the Act. For more information about the collection and use of this information, visit http://www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca.

  4. Financial assistance may be available to qualifying students through either public or private student assistance sources. The Cut Fashion Design Academy makes no representations whatsoever about your eligibility for student aid. In the event that you receive student assistance, you recognize you are solely responsible to ensure repayment of the loan is in accordance with your loan/student assistance agreement.

  5. The Cut Fashion Design Academy complies with applicable privacy laws. The Academy collects, uses, and retains individual student information for use including assessing student applications, maintaining student academic records, placement tracking, program reviews, and to meet regulatory requirements. The Academy may use certain student information to communicate with students; for example to provide students, applicants, or graduates with information about The Academy’s activities, or additional program opportunities. Students may request removal from The Cut Fashion Design Academy’s mailing list(s) by writing the Registrar.

  6. Language of Instruction and Method of Delivery: English. You must demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admittance. Otherwise, you will incur an additional fee of $1,500.00 to cover the cost of a language tutor to accompany you to classes. Tutor would be provided by The Cut Fashion Design Academy.

  7. Student Work ownership: You retain ownership to all garments created while in your program. You grant The Cut Fashion Design Academy permanent, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to make educational use of such work and Intellectual Property, including the right to use, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, and modify (i.e. create derivative works) such work and Intellectual Property in all forms and media now known or hereafter existing in connection with The Academy’s programs, including promotional use.

  8. You grant permission to The Cut Fashion Design Academy and its agents to contact you through mail, email, phone, text messaging, social media, or any other modality regarding your education at The Academy.



You, the student, and The Cut Fashion Design Academy agree that you will take steps to resolve any dispute or claim between you and the other party (including any company affiliated with The Cut Fashion Design Academy, any of its officers, directors, trustees, employees or agents) arising out of or relating to this Enrollment Agreement or your attendance at The Cut Fashion Design Academy. Whether before, during, or after your attendance, you agree that you will pursue binding arbitration only after exhausting informal efforts.

The arbitration shall follow the standards and rules of procedure as set out in the British Columbia Commercial Arbitration Act. If The Academy intends to initiate arbitration, it will notify you in writing by regular mail at your latest address on file with The Academy. You will have twenty (20) days from the date of the letter to choose an organization to administer the case.

If you fail to do so within that 20-day period, The Academy will choose one. The Cut Fashion Design Academy agrees that it will not elect to arbitrate any individual claim of less than the relevant jurisdictional threshold that you bring in small claims court. If that claim is transferred or appealed to a different court, or if your claim exceeds the relevant jurisdictional threshold, The Academy reserves the right to elect arbitration. In that case, you agree that the matter will be resolved by binding arbitration.

If either you or The Cut Fashion Design Academy chooses arbitration, or instead agree to a third-party mediation on agreed terms, neither party will have the right to a jury trial, to engage fully in discovery, or to litigate the dispute or claim in any court – other than in small claims or a similar court. Further, you will not have the right to participate as any class of claimants pertaining to any claim subject to arbitration.

The arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding. Rights that you or The Cut Fashion Design Academy would have in court may not be available in arbitration. Any claim, liability, or loss on your behalf is limited to an amount no greater than the total amount of tuition paid by you to the Academy. Arbitration hearings shall all take place in Vancouver, BC.

The Cut Fashion Design Academy will pay the arbitration filing fees. However, you will pay expenses for your own legal counsel, experts, and witnesses, unless applicable law or this Agreement gives you the right to recover any of those fees from the other party.

If the arbitrator determines that any claim or defense is wrongfully intended to oppress the other party, the arbitrator may award sanctions in the form of fees and/or other expenses incurred by the other party. This arbitration provision shall survive beyond the end of your relationship with The Cut Fashion Design Academy.



The Cut Fashion Design Academy is required to give you a signed copy of your contract and to maintain a copy in your student file. Under the Personal Information Protection Act, you are entitled to access your student file. Further information about storage and access to your student file is in the Academy’s Privacy Policy.